Henrique Cunha is a project studio for sustainable architecture and design that also provides training related to architecture, engineering and design. He and his team have established quality principles, to assure the full project satisfaction by his clients. The systematization of the project through the use of BIM (Building Information Modelling) tools ensures a remarkable communication between partners and the certainty that the client has the project he wants.

  • why use an architect?

    Architects are highly skilled and professionally trained to turn your aspirations into reality. They will guide you through the design, planning and construction process whether you are constructing a new building or adapting an existing property.


    Architects apply impartial and creative thinking to projects large and small. They add value, whether from maximising light and space, adding functionality, or achieving the best return on your investment.

  • how to write a project brief?

    The ultimate success of your project depends on the quality of your brief, i.e. your ability to describe clearly to your architect the requirements and functions of your building, and proposed methods of operation and management. It is wise to ask your architect to assist you in preparing a final brief. Your architect will need to know:

    • your aims
    • your budget
    • your design style: are you looking for a design in keeping with the existing building? Do you want a contemporary or high-tech design? Are you concerned about having a sustainable or ecological design?
    • your reasons for embarking on this building project: what activities are intended for it?
    • your authority: who will make the decisions about the designs, costs and construction when the project is underway?
    • your overall expectations: what do you hope to achieve by this project - more space, more light, variety of uses, greater flexibility?
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